Legwork creates a new animation explaining how the new Nissan “zero gravity seats” work.  Explainer videos can be hard to produce, because you have to really get the message across but also make it visually interesting over a longer period of time.  Legwork did an amazing job here, both explaining the features of the product and also coming up with some really smooth and slick designs and animations.  Be sure to check out the making of video!

Making Of:

 Making of - Nissan


If your are looking for some elegant CG inspiration, take a look at Future Deluxe and Twisted Poly’s latest piece.  This animated short is apparently the first of five films to launch their new brand and they did it in a big way.  Intricate detail and gorgeous colors really help this animation pop, throughout every composition.
 Mothership process
Take a look at this new commercial for Woolmark, titled “Lost and Found”.  Neon Pictures also shares a case study they made, showing much of the creative process including storyboards and pre-vis, animatics and all of the different compositing and visual effects passes that went into making this.  This is a great watch, especially when you realize how some things that you might not have imagined were CG actually were!
Case study:
 Case Study: Lost & Found

Student film makers from the Parisian school of visual communication, Gobelins, show off their character designs, animation skills and storytelling abilities with this fun short. The “Making Off” goes deep into
the development and process used to create this film. There are many pause-worthy moments where you can digest the character evolution sketches, or look frame-by-frame through the storyboards.

Making Of:
 MAKING-OF Meet-Meat Juliaon Roels

This was a very smart ad that really made you pay attention.  Shilo and Samsung went way outside of the box on this one, creating a concept that absolutely nails the co-branding experience.  From a storyline perspective, as well as visual experience, everything works extremely well together.  It is always refreshing to come across projects that you can see how much thought went into the idea.