Nathan Love released a teaser for something BIG they are working on, which will be released later this month from what I gather. The design certainly has a definitive style seen throughout their portfolio, and the animation is extremely wacky. I love the extreme squash and stretch, and the eyeballs that move independently from the rest of the character. It reminds me of something you would see from Rayman, but even more mysterious.

 ANL #2

Without context, art (what is being “said”) risks being mistaken for craft (how the work is made). How often have you seen something and thought “I could have made that.” That’s a comment on the physical process involved in assembling the pieces without going deeper into the true statement of the piece. Inversely the pursuit of craft can lead to stunning artistic achievement. In this case the desire to create a 3D printed film could result in a very special piece. This trailer whets my appetite for more!

What I love about this trailer is the amount of additional artistic enhancements the creative team added to the piece. By using film footage as an ingredient, not a finished frame, they were able to being a whole other level of creativity and expression to help tell the story.

What’s more fun than a preposterous 80’s throwback comic? How about a promo for it? The result is a ludicrous romp that relies heavily on graphic design as much as traditional animation. Watch for the 3D moments, the forced perspective shots, the repetitive motion of hair blowing in the wind, and pan shots of otherwise static elements. All of which are techniques made popular in Anime as a cheap way to fill time.