CHRLX has been exploring new logo designs, and has released a montage of many different animated variations. With over 20 different logos and animations, CHRLX certainly gets an overhaul on their brand. If you are looking to redesign your logo, or are working on a logo redesign for someone else, this is certainly a great place to look for inspiration.

Roof Studio takes their familiar 3D style and camera moves and applies the same principals to NatGeo’s “Brain Games” promo. The continuous camera move shows off gorgeous 3D environments that mechanically work together, ultimately revealing the final logo lockup. This piece is sure to spark some serious inspiration for your next motion graphics project.

If Portland is as awesome as their new ad, then they are sure to get quite a lot of new visitors! “Travel Portland” features an extremely creative sequence of all things Portland, with a consistent 2D design and animation technique across the board. Each scene is carefully composed so well that you could easily create matching postcards to keep the message going.