The Mill brought the “Offset” logo to life with six outrageous characters either driving or riding something. The style is truly unique, boasting a very crude stop motion-like texture. It seems like they put just as much thought into the design and animation of the typography as they did the characters, which makes this main title sequence truly top notch.

The “Playgrounds Festival 2015” title sequence is now a full compilation, with work from The Ambassadors, Calango, Renascent, Fons Schiedon, Oddone, Woodwork, Onesize and more! Each contribution is wildly different from one another, yet so high end and creative that it flows great in a sequence.

If you’re a gamer, you need to check out this promo for The Game Awards coming in December. Go on a journey through animated computer parts and glitchy digital interfaces that lead up to the final logo lockup. I love the different hue shifts as we travel through different sections of the computer, which really benefits the end resolve and gives it an awesome retro feel.