If you like to step away from your computer and get hands on with a project, then you should definitely check out this behind the scenes at Laika Studios. This video takes us on a tour through the studio’s rapid prototyping department, aka the 3D printing for major stop motion feature films! This particular segment focuses on “The Boxtrolls” and how the faces were digitally created, printed, and applied via the stop motion process.

ODD NY continues the Ford F-150 advertising campaign in this new rugged ad. These can be challenging sometimes because the design is equally as important as the animation which takes a ton of coordination. This campaign seems to have been running forever, so much so that you most likely affiliate this style of animation with the Ford truck!

Sarofsky shows off their design skills in the new main title sequence for OFFF Mexico. Each speaker’s title card cycles through numerous styles of design, all very different from one another. You would think this could be jarring, although since the placement of the name never changes it gives your eye more time to register everything.