Now that Jurassic World is heading out of theaters, Image Engine has released a montage of their best VFX shots throughout the movie. Along with the montage, they also released a breakdown of some VFX shots which show just how important this kind of work is to feature films. It is truly amazing to see a live action shot clean, without any post work done to it, because without visual effects, these kinds of movies wouldn’t exist. Watch as raptors are built in 3D, composited into scenes, and elements like grass recreated to interact with the CG models.


Do you like creating your own CG worlds for green screen footage? The Mill worked with NBC to create a series of vignettes for the show “Heroes Reborn,” each having their own unique composite with special effects. This is a great reference for any type of composite job since most of these principles apply universally across the board.

This is the perfect example of taking a sport as violent as UFC, and making a show package that feels modern yet grungy. The lack of 3D was an interesting way to go for something like this, and proved that not everything needs to be over the top CG. The fact that the top UFC fighters were available for the promo certainly adds another level to the treatment.