Channel One is an uncommon country-wide network in a state as large as Russia, thus the idents are broadly appealing. There’s a lot of interpretation for one so inclined, not least of all is the reference to Sydenham’s Crystal Palace which inspired Chernyshevsky’s utopian vision in his 1863 novel “What is to be Done?”

CHRLX has been exploring new logo designs, and has released a montage of many different animated variations. With over 20 different logos and animations, CHRLX certainly gets an overhaul on their brand. If you are looking to redesign your logo, or are working on a logo redesign for someone else, this is certainly a great place to look for inspiration.

MTC is pumping out work at an extraordinary rate, and staying very organized along the way by constantly releasing new montages of work. These two reels feature their best animal work, as well as “making of” work. You don’t see many reels specifically featuring the work that went into a “making of,” but MTC knows just how much time goes into them!

 MTC REEL Animals

If you only know Territory from their UI presence in the feature film world, you have to check out this compilation for the new Forza video game! The 3D models in this game are absolutely stunning, but the clean and sleek UI graphics add another level of complexity to the package. I’m glad that the Forza franchise did not overlook this aspect of the experience, and delivered some of the best UI in the industry.