Violently seductive, the rich enigma of the protagonist and her mission amidst the near-future Mad-Maxian metropolis feels so deep and detailed that the undiscovered tendrils of narrative tumbling in the wake of such presence are inevitable. I bet I’m not the only one who would like to see an expansion or adaptation of this piece.

Loops! They’re the meaningless nonsense words that flutter through our video landscape. They’re the Seussical-ization of pop culture. In other words, they’re fun! This music video uses the video loop structure but flips it on it’s head and returns it to the “live” environment from whence it came. Rinse and repeat.

We’ve shared some audio-physical experiments before, you know the ones where the tray of sand sitting on a speaker vibrates in oddly beautiful ways as musicians rock out. Well… now there’s this fabulous addition to the cymatics mix. Amazing!

A cold, unfeeling other-world and a disinterested ingenue become captivating, nay endearing, as each undulating scene unfurls. The German IDM duo Funkstörung is known for their appreciation of great graphic design and the sophisticated taste of visual aficionados is proudly embraced in this churlish video.