CHRLX has been exploring new logo designs, and has released a montage of many different animated variations. With over 20 different logos and animations, CHRLX certainly gets an overhaul on their brand. If you are looking to redesign your logo, or are working on a logo redesign for someone else, this is certainly a great place to look for inspiration.

Troika updates their reels for 2015, releasing both a sports specific reel and entertainment reel. Both are packed with high-end work for big name brands. Be sure to check out both reels, whether you are involved in the entertainment side or sports side, or neither.


 Troika Entertainment Reel 2015

The Mill is back with another title sequence, this time for the D&AD Awards. It features various cuts of organic CG shapes, and a very unique crop choice. It seems as though less than one third of the video is the actual content, while the rest is black dead space. I guess when you do enough of these, anything goes!


 D&AD Awards 2015 Title Sequence

Customization is a tough concept to promote, because you have to present people with “something” to stand in place of whatever they themselves might create after they have purchased your product or service. Here, the customizable sneaker is presented as both everything and nothing. The only constant is the sneaker silhouette and the trademark Adidas lines. Genius!