Talk about getting someone excited for a game release! This made me way more excited to play the game than when I was actually playing the game. Of course the production value is through the roof, but the calm narrative told through extreme chaos brought a very unique perspective. I’m a huge fan of panning from room to room, either vertically or horizontally, to reveal a natural change in perspective.

If you only know Territory from their UI presence in the feature film world, you have to check out this compilation for the new Forza video game! The 3D models in this game are absolutely stunning, but the clean and sleek UI graphics add another level of complexity to the package. I’m glad that the Forza franchise did not overlook this aspect of the experience, and delivered some of the best UI in the industry.

Everyone is well aware that Angry Birds has grown into much more than just an app. The game’s marketing has gone through the roof over the years, and now has its own launch film created by The Mill. If you like animals rendered at the highest quality, yet still remaining true to the original source, then you will love this short. 


 Francois Rousselet / Angry Birds 2