I think Blue Zoo just won the best holiday card of the year award! This two minute, fully animated holiday card is bursting with unique characters, and a custom song to go along with it. The models and textures hold up even during the extreme closeups. I like how they weren’t afraid to get a little weird too, taking a page out of Ren and Stimpy or even the early stages of Spongebob.

 Making More Stuff!

Aixsponza teamed up with Nike for their new “Vapor Untouchable 2” ad, and the rendering will most likely leave you speechless. I suppose having gold as the main product material helps make the renders shine a bit more effortlessly, but you can’t deny the extreme macro camera angles. When you are in this tight, everything needs to be perfect and I think they took the necessary steps to make that possible. After you watch the full spot, be sure to check out a few of the “making of” sequences below!

 Nike Vapor Untouchable II - FlyWeave closeup

 Nike Vapor Untouchable 2 - FerroFluid technology