Imaginary Forces had the opportunity to create the main titles for Marvel’s new series on Netflix, “Jessica Jones.” The entire open is incredibly stylized and gritty, allowing viewers to get a glimpse into this world, leaving the rest up to imagination. It seems like they captured their own live action paint plates, that they then used to composite over the photography. Though I have seen this technique used over and over again, myself included, they pulled it off in a way that feels different and seems like a perfect fit for the NYC based series.

CBS has a new show called “Limitless,” inspired by the recent feature film. Prologue had the opportunity to create the main title sequence for the show, and explored a CAT scan-inspired design to loosely connect the main titles to the overarching concept of the show. They did a great job of keeping the “ah hah” moment until the very end, where you really make the connection that you were just traveling inside of a brain.

If you are a football fan, then you saw the new graphics on ESPN Monday night. BBDG is responsible for the major rebrand this year, making this one of the slickest sports packages on-air right now. Each element is meticulously crafted with tons of detail, even the quick 20 frame wipes. This package is so massive that there are completely different animations and setups for each element. If you are in motion graphics, this is a “must bookmark” for recurring future reference.

Shed breaks down some 3D motion they did for a pitch, using Cinema 4D throughout the process. There are a million different ways to do the same thing, so it is always great to see how others choose to execute their project. This is especially helpful since they jump back and forth between final renders and Cinema 4D, so you can see the immediate payoff. 3D captures, dynamics, thinking particles, deformers and more, this project is sure to spark some inspiration!


 Lien Fatal

I tried to watch this show and failed at the first hurdle (no, not the power button on the TV). The concept intrigued me but the dialogue of the “outlaw” teens once they hit Earth in the series premiere was so outrageously juvenile that I had to turn it off. I’m happy to give it a second try because this show was a hit for some reason. This canny opener weaves a web of intrigue right off the bat with hints of terrestrial secrets and space shenanigans.