Channel One is an uncommon country-wide network in a state as large as Russia, thus the idents are broadly appealing. There’s a lot of interpretation for one so inclined, not least of all is the reference to Sydenham’s Crystal Palace which inspired Chernyshevsky’s utopian vision in his 1863 novel “What is to be Done?”

Disney XD continues their awesome idents with Golden Wolf, this time honoring “Star Wars.” The design captures the movie very well, incorporating familiar elements throughout the animation but in Golden Wolf’s cartoon style. I love the complexity of everything, with dynamic camera moves and flowing transitions. Hopefully this is not the only Star Wars ident we see!

Diestro creates some awesome new branding for “Zona Zaping,” including heavy 3D elements and character work. There is a ton of animation and design going on here, and plenty to take away for inspiration. The great thing about packages like this is that most of the time it’s never really done because you can always do things like integrate the characters and elements into different settings as a refresher down the line.