Who doesn’t love every possible iteration of the newly successful Avengers franchise? Since there are too many to keep up with, I’ve no idea. Either way, this promo does a great of job of taking an iconic symbol from each of the Big Four and trusting the audience to bring a positive association from whatever corner of the Marvel Universe they happen to have experienced (mostly the big movies, I’m guessing).

Do you like creating your own CG worlds for green screen footage? The Mill worked with NBC to create a series of vignettes for the show “Heroes Reborn,” each having their own unique composite with special effects. This is a great reference for any type of composite job since most of these principles apply universally across the board.

This is the perfect example of taking a sport as violent as UFC, and making a show package that feels modern yet grungy. The lack of 3D was an interesting way to go for something like this, and proved that not everything needs to be over the top CG. The fact that the top UFC fighters were available for the promo certainly adds another level to the treatment.

Prodigal Pictures takes on the latest promo for a new FX series, “The Bastard Executioner.” Filled with speed ramps and quick cuts, this is an editor’s dream job. The moody and very consistent art direction throughout ensures a great understanding of what to expect from the show and a clever move at the end reveals that all of this action was happening within the logo itself.

The Ultimate Fighter franchise conjures up images of brutal beat-downs, punishing choke-holds, and frantic tap-outs. This promo, however, matures the brand and embraces a rock-driven fashion photography vibe that leverages the street-grunge of many fighter’s origin stories while elevating the combat itself to a war of ideology (nation flags, phrases like “Rebel,” and Warhol-inspired portrait repetitions).

If you are a football fan, then you saw the new graphics on ESPN Monday night. BBDG is responsible for the major rebrand this year, making this one of the slickest sports packages on-air right now. Each element is meticulously crafted with tons of detail, even the quick 20 frame wipes. This package is so massive that there are completely different animations and setups for each element. If you are in motion graphics, this is a “must bookmark” for recurring future reference.