If you work in an office environment, this animated story for Google should certainly resonate in some way, shape, or form. The script is very strong, and has that reliability factor to it which makes sharing the content much more likely. The design and animation fits nicely within the Google brand, although without a strong script and voice over this video would not be nearly as successful.

Nike decided to make kids the star athletes among professionals in their latest ad, “Future is Fast.” In case you are unsure about how much post work went into a commercial like this, a52 has shared a before and after video! Check out all the original plates, compared to the final versions that include things like tons of color correction and CG generated crowds.

 Nike "Future is Fast" Before and After

Mikros Image lends a hand in post production for the new “Cartier Diamonds” ad that is sure to dazzle. Luxury demands other luxuries, including high end marketing and advertising. This piece is truly stunning, and absolutely flooded with CG and visual effects work. Cartier continues the use of its iconic panther, seen in the shadows a few times throughout the piece. If you are in need of some high end inspiration and extraordinary attention to detail, then be sure to check this one out!