Guest Curator – John Dickinson

We are excited to have THE John Dickinson guest curating for us this month. You probably know John from his site, Motionworks, where you can soak up his expertise in motion graphics via tips and training. See what inspires this Sydney-based pro!

Primordial – HippieHouse

A stunning almost hypnotic spot which uses CG and physical effects to create a journey through the past, present and future of evolution. Check out the process information here. I found the process for creating the title using sea salt, dish soap and glow sticks particularly inspirational, reminding me what can be achieved away from the computer.


Regis X Roca / BCN Visual Sound Festival – Filip Roca

Superb use of projection mapping in this mesmerising spot for the Barcelona Visual Sound Festival.


Dempster’s / Bread Story- Federico Radero

Stop motion is a classic technique and is used simply and effectively in this spot for Dempster’s Bread.


Audi ‘Birth’ – The Mill

Masterful work from The Mill in this dark and somewhat disturbing advertisment for Audi.


nanoFlowcell – The nanoFlowcell® principle – Elefant Studios 

More and more these days type seems almost an after thought in motion graphics. So it’s always refreshing to find a spot that pays attention to type and how it integrates into the overall look. In this spot by Elefant Studios words are revealed and removed using energetic, flowing lines, perfectly complementing the subject matter.


Original / Short – Vucko

Infographics can be brought alive using motion graphics and this spot by Vucko is up there with the best. Lively animation combined with clever, seamless transitions keeps your eyes glued to the screen until the end, which is exactly what good infographics should do!


2015 Oscars Opening Sequence + Broadcast Design Montage – Elastic

The 2015 Oscar graphics package by Elastic caught my eye with its stylized interpretations of the nominated films and tasteful use of paper textures and ink. The hand held camera look, rack focus and use of chromatic aberration gives the overall graphics package a refreshing analogue feel.


Imaginary Forces – A to Z – Director’s Cut

Sharp, clean design combined with smooth animation makes this spot from Imaginary Forces a stand out. I love how each letter acts as a window to reveal the brightly colored imagery with the camera animation into each letter making it feel as if you’re going through a door into a different world.


Pro7 Wallpapers – Aixsponza

Aixsponza never disappoints and these beautiful animated backgrounds created for the relaunch of German TV channel Pro 7 are simply stunning. Each background has a different theme but the limited color palette highlighted with deep red, high contrast and use of blur unites them as a family.

Meet John



What inspires you in your work?


Challenge. I’m always looking to challenge myself even on the smallest of projects. I’ve been with the same company for almost 14 years and my work can involve a lot of repetition. It would be very easy to get stale if I didn’t find some way to challenge myself by regularly trying something new. I often experiment in my spare time as well, trying effects I haven’t used or mixing effects to come up with brand new looks. Experimenting without the restrictions of a brief is a great way to say fresh and inspired. I guess that’s why I like the Sapphire Builder so much since it makes experimenting easy and fun. 



We understand that certain projects have to remain confidential but is there anything you have recently worked on that you are particularly proud of and can share with us?


Recently, I’ve created a lot of the new presets that launched in Sapphire 8.1. I’ve been using Sapphire a lot lately in smaller projects such as full frame supers and pack shots. I’ve really been making the most of the Sapphire preset library to help me get suitable looks and get projects completed quickly.


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