Badass Geometry: Low-Poly

Check out some of the edgiest polygons around!
1. Lost Forest

Delicate triangles add an ethereal element to the captivating, foggy atmosphere.

Designers Appointment

2. Menace Beach

Low-poly heads mimic the blocky, urban environment, while digital damage adds extra grit to this skateboarding short.

Editude Pictures

3. RDIO – Typhoon (Ident)

RDIO’s got serious geometry on their mind, in this fusion of low-poly and high-poly.

Upper First

4. Shake It

What happens when you electrocute a polygon bee? Find out at the 0:55 mark.

Alexandre Veaux

5. Black Rock Oragami

An awesome re-imagining of water and land via low-poly.

Brand New School

Posted by: dceditors