Guest Curator – Robert Hranitzky [part 2]

Here is part 2 of our special featured collection from guest curator, Robert Hranitzky.

Nike / Mercurial Superfly – ManvsMachine

Very nice visualization of how the shoe is being weaved in to his final shape. Good build up of tension until it reaches the climax of the clip. 

BotWars Teaser – Alex & Steffen

Amazing quality for a “proof of concept” trailer. Very big attention to detail and the production design of the robots is pretty cool too. As always Alex & Steffen keep doing amazing work with excellent looking visuals and comparably small budgets (and thus more tricks).

Bonus: Making Of

Emotions – Micha Karmann

Although it is very heavily inspired by the famous Apple Design in Motion video, it still has very beautiful animations and visual metaphors for the things written in the video.

TalentSkyScout –  Thinkmojo

Slick animation of infographics and very nice visualization of complex tasks. Also the slight retro look is very nice with the subtle film grain and film damage.

It’s a Plastic World – AndiX

Impressive visualization and animation of this very serious problem. The low-poly look has been seen quite a lot before, especially in this type of animation. However the execution and modeling is very good and it works well with the pace of clip.

Stuck – James Curran, Chris Lloyd, Aaron Lampert, Dante Zaballa, Daniel Burke

Sweet little story told in a simple but still very engaging style. Only the minimum number of objects are shown to establish the environment. The change from a boring grey world to a full colorful world is also pretty cool, as it comes as a surprise and really makes a noticeable difference in what has changed in the character’s world.

2014 World Cup Animation – Richard Swarbrick

Very interesting visual look and style of animation. Although pretty rough, it is still possible to make out certain abstract movements, players, and situations.


For more information about Robert Hranitzky, visit part 1 of his Digital Canvas collection.


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