Guest Curator – Robert Hranitzky [part 1]

We are excited to have the very talented Motion Graphics Designer, Animator, and Creative Director, Robert Hranitzky guest curating for us this month. See what what inspires this Munich-based After Effects and Cinema 4D power user.

OFFF St. Petersburg 2014 Main Titles – The Mill

Amazingly beautiful animation for the Offf Main Titles. It almost looks like the often-seen light painting to create the type/names but actually it is more like painting in air. Dancers are driving the motion and the surrounding is incredibly detailed. The mostly monochrome look is very cool and subtle color is only used to create highlights.

Dreadnought Teaser – Aixsponza

Realistic looking renderings and well animated. Everything is amazingly detailed and very nicely shaded. Slick UI design as well.

Skills – Marc Urtasun

Minimalistic but very powerful 3D animation. It has very nice transitions between the different objects and the rhythm of the beat is picked up in the animation.

Francesca Da Rimini 

Amazing idea to use a robot based motion control camera that has been pre-choreographed with performance capture of two ballet dancers. The animation of the camera looks like it’s from another dancer’s point of view.

Bonus: And if you think that was great, you should check out the behind the scenes.

Geometric – Al Boardman

Very simplistic animation with beautiful timing and good choice of colors and shapes. The animation in combination with the music creates an almost mesmerizing effect.


Beautifully done and perfectly animated to be in sync with Beethoven’s Symphony Nr 1. Elegant animations show the concept of synching in a very aesthetically pleasing way, without being too techy.

Discovery Channel Idents – HippieHouse

Slick 3D animation with great timing and a nice mix of showing realistic looking technology with abstract colors and graphics. Love the shallow depth of field and the color grading.

Nike Air Max – Korb

Very interesting concept for a shoe commercial. 2400 fluorescent lights illuminate the desert. Combined with a very organic 3D animation to form the air “bubble” that finally becomes the shoe.


Meet Robert



How long have you been in the industry? How did you get started?


I have been in the industry for around 12 years. I started freelancing as a student, then worked as an intern in several motion graphics studios. In 2005 After graduating from University for Applied Sciences and Design in Mannheim, Germany I became a self-employed full time motion designer. In 2006 I moved to Munich and set up base there. Shortly after moving I meet Akira Endo and started a fruitful collaboration which evolved into a creative studio which we share with 5 other talented artists.



What inspires you in your work?


I try to keep my eyes open in every-day situations and find inspiration in little things. Of course other work and art, but not always related to motion graphics. This could be simply a photo or a scene in a movie. I’m often at conferences as a speaker so I have the chance to watch others present their work too. I love to see and hear other incredible artists present their work and it leaves me in awe many times but I try to transform awe into motivation and inspiration to do better work.



We understand that certain projects have to remain confidential but is there anything you have recently worked on that you are particularly proud of and can share with us?


My team and I recently created new launch trailers for Wacom’s new Tablets the Intuos and the IntuosPro. I’ve also had the pleasure to recently work on several TV series title animations as well as conference opening titles.


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