Stop Motion Mania!

What makes stop motion so great? For us at Digital Canvas, it’s seeing the tactile quality of characters and props that are put into motion by invisible hands. It’s experiencing the visual conflict of natural vs. contrived that leaves us wanting more. This collection recognizes the diversity of stop motion films and celebrates such an awesome technique.

1. Woodoo

Andre Maat

Knowing the inelasticity of the material makes this project that much more impressive.
2. A Girl Names Elastika

Guillaume Blanchet

Who knew thumbtacks and rubber bands could rack up so much international acclaim? We’re particularly fond of the “outtakes” section starting at 2:47.
3. Butter Ya’Self

Julian Petschek

Fruit gets dirty y’all! If The California Raisins ever want to make a raunchy comeback, they should take a page from these guys.
4. Gitty Gidiyor

Turgut Akaçık

We wanted to include a live-action sequence, and picked this spot for the clever costume change.
5. I Am Tom Moody

Ainslie Henderson

Here we’ve got an introspective short exploring the duality of a struggling musician. The script is clever and the voice work is laudable. The stop motion puppetry is certainly an accomplishment as well.
Bonus: Making Of – I Am Tom Moody

Ainslie Henderson

Go behind the scenes with the director as he explains the concept behind the film as well as the animation process.

For more great pieces, be sure to search “stop motion” on the site.


Posted by: dceditors