2014 World Cup: Brazil

From June 12 to July 13, 32 soccer teams will go head-to-head for gold in the 20th FIFA World Cup. We’ve put together a collection of our favorite World Cup themed spots to pump us up.
1. Adidas – Black and White

The production value in the World Cup ads we’ve seen so far are through the roof, especially this one from Elastic.

2. Nike – The Last Game

Wieden + Kennedy
Nike’s World Cup commercial finally surfaces, just before opening day. Coming in just over 5 mintues, every aspect of this short is purely amazing, and shows just how important advertising really is.

3. Fox Sports – Sinta-se lá

Beeld Motion
Fox Sports departs from their familiar brand identity, and there’s a lot to appreciate — notably the exaggerated secondary animation.

4. Nike ID – Magista

These cleats aren’t made of leather. They’re comprised of layers of dust, particles and smoke.

5. Nike – Winner Stays

Rattling Stick
Nike’s live action commercial for the World Cup takes us from youth teams in a public park to famous athletes in the professional arena. It’s a really fun concept, and an extremely well executed one at that.

6. Coors Light – Freeze the World

Bleed VFX
This commercial freezes the game of soccer mid play, and takes us through an epic journey off the field, to the fans and back.

*Bonus – Coors Light – Making Of Freeze the World

Bleed VFX

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