City Perspectives

Given the multitude of activity and infrastructure in urban environments, we wonder, how many different ways can a city be interpreted and presented?  See these five cities come to life.
Hong Kong: Pacific Rim — Behind the Scenes


ILM explains the planning taken to recreate Hong Kong entirely in 3D so that it could be destroyed in an epic battle between Man and Sea Monster. The inclusion of rain required some additional considerations, like reflections, surfaces, and lighting.

New York: Brooklyn Brewery

Paul Trillo

This stop motion photographic bike tour is so well edited, we’ve been looking for a reason to post it again. The creative transitions facilitate a smooth and comprehensive snapshot of the city in 60 seconds. Fun fact: the video was partly inspired by Google Maps.

Check out the original post to view the behind the scenes video too.

Bangkok: LED Free Running

Frank Sauer

Parkour in Bangkok — it’s not the most intuitive pairing, but it sure is fun to watch. The free runners act as a vehicle to showcase the energetic pulse of the city.  The sport is picking up steam, and is making its way into ads for large companies — See Coke’s recent ad for Coke Zero, aimed at the male audience.

Venice: Google Maps


Google pairs its technology with the proverbial wandering tourist to create a seamless experience into the sights and sounds of Venice. As a result, we are presented with an idyllic yet accessible city that gives the ad an interactive edge.

Paper City

Maciek Janicki

A city and its surrounding environment unfold before your eyes in one fluid take. Captured by an unseen helicopter, this 3D animation shows the “rise and fold” of this fragile metropolis.

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