Hankook’s high-concept vision for the future of tires literally attempts to reinvent the wheel. With three seemingly sci-fi creations – one for off-roading, one for snow and ice, and another for… wait for it… swimming (I know, right!) – Hankook has set the bar high. The thrilling cross-country race is an exciting stage upon which to present such lofty goals.

Lumbre is celebrating five years, and to do so they have compiled their favorite work over from then to now. Tons of variety in here, and an impressive amount of high end work. I always believed it was important to compile your work at least once a year to see how you have progressed, and hopefully not regress!


I love projects that revolve around high end sound design, and in this case Dolby Digital sound quality. Check out this awesome spot from ArtJail as they break down the sound of a baseball breaking through a window, by isolating sounds and some really impressive camera moves. This was perfectly executed from beginning to end; message received!  

I had the opportunity to see these live at F5, and it really amped up the excitement going into the first segment. Between the sound design and the visuals, this is truly an editors dream piece to cut. It’s impressive that there really is that many graphics packed into this segment to really keep up with this ever building sound design. If you are trying to make an impression for a live event, this definitely sets the bar in terms of inspiration.