We can’t know what the theoretical cosmological events of the Big Bang looked like 13.8 billions years ago. However, if the single point of matter that preceded the Big Bang was a Guinness bottle and the ensuing primordial galactic explosion resulted from “opening” that bottle, well then, this interstellar joyride gives us a hint of what might have happened.

The European Space Agency wants to land a craft on a comet. Firstly, when did Europe get a Space Agency? I thought space was an American, Russian and Chinese hobby. Secondly, when do Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Aerosmith show up for a nostalgic rendition of “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, then blow the comet to smithereens?

Ok fine. This piece is actually an amazing film and you should watch it instead of reading snarky curator comments.

This entertaining music video has that great deadpan/asylum feel we’ve seen before, where disinterested stares contrast with the absurdity of the situations facing the protagonists. Coupled with the retro stylings of the 50s and old school robot costume, this idiosyncratic music video is a winner in my book.

Superstar dancer and choreographer Daniel Cloud Campos brings his unique skills to the film making realm with this kickstarter-funded short “Today’s The Day”. Some of my most promising interns who went on to become very successful designers/animators came to my studio with a lot of dance experience and just enough design talent. What they had at their core was timing, rhythm, vision, music, creativity, and an understanding that many parts need to move to make the whole take shape. With a little typography education, some color theory and basic software training, they were off to the races.