We are excited to have THE John Dickinson guest curating for us this month. You probably know John from his site, Motionworks, where you can soak up his expertise in motion graphics via tips and training. See what inspires this Sydney-based pro!

Primordial – HippieHouse

 DISCOVERY CHANNEL IDENTSA stunning almost hypnotic spot which uses CG and physical effects to create a journey through the past, present and future of evolution. Check out the process information here. I found the process for creating the title using sea salt, dish soap and glow sticks particularly inspirational, reminding me what can be achieved away from the computer. Continue reading

Check out this creative, short stop motion piece made for Lego China! I found the “making of” video very interesting, since they built everything practically. You would assume the Legos were small, which would make this so hard to shoot. AKQA must have thought that through, seeing how they built everything up on a much larger scale to gain more control. Very cool, yet tedious work here!

Making Of:


This original film was mind blowing, full of meticulously detailed CG elements and of course, the gorgeous bird. If you missed the original, be sure to check it out below, but this time around we are focusing on the bird’s “rigging breakdown.” It’s very inspirational to see someone else’s workflow and setup, especially when a complex rig is involved.


 River Island x Jean-Pierre Braganza

Are you working on a car commercial for your next project? Well, this new ad for Opel Corsa has a very intense, creative edit. The graphics that are intertwined throughout the edit tie everything together, and gives the spot that visual aid for marketing purposes without slapping text on an end page.