TV and movies can step aside — We’ve got some of the most exciting title sequences for the professionals. Check out these opening titles from recent VFX festivals and conferences.

1. Graphika Manila 2014

The Acid House took inspiration from Pinoy ethnic culture to create this indigenous-sci-fi concept for Graphika Manila, with visual effects from The Mill.  Graphika Manila 2014 Opening Titles The Acid House

2. CoMotion 2014

Students at the of Savannah College of Art and Design collaborated on this energetic opener, in celebration of their Motion Media Design department.

 CoMotion 2014 Opening Titles Jay Keeree

3. This is Now 2013

Desaturated, abstract, cerebral, and a nice use of letters as props.

 This Is Now - Opener Oh Yeah Studio

4. FITC Toronto 2014

Desaturated imagery is punctuated with glowing elements to highlight life in an otherwise abandoned space. Eerie and captivating, this piece is not of this world.

 FITC Toronto 2014 titles by Iamstatic Iamstatic

5. OFFF Quebec 2014

Flickers, twitches, and flutters drive this sequence forward, while splashes of color become eye candy against the black and white palette.

 OFFF QC 2014 Main Titles Joshua Davis

6. CutOutFest 2013

The pencil drawings for CutOutFest 2013 were brought to life in Adobe Illustrator before being sent to After Effects for the final composition.

 CutOutFest | Opening Titles | 2013 / Memoma Memoma

The final spot here is certainly worth taking a look at, although what I really want to share with you is the “making of” from Strange Beast. They take us behind the scenes on a project that most likely could have been achieved in 3D as well, but went the extra mile to give it that hand made look. I’ve said it many times before on here and I will say it again, I love 3D but it’s always great to step away and create something practically once in a while.


Making Of:

 "Curtin University Degree" Making of - Kijek/Adamski

Wow, have a look at this incredible new 2 minute “UI showreel” for the new summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, from Territory studios. The amount of detail within each UI module is really something, and then to see it composited into the movie seems so rewarding. These same principles can apply to your next motion graphics piece, so be sure to check it out!