Laugh, cry, and appreciate the quirks of working in post production.
1. Shit Showreels Say

Originality is overrated, right? #ifitaintbrokedontfixit  Shit Showreels Say Peter Quinn

2. How to Make a Sick Mountain Bike Edit

Can this guy please narrate all tutorials, forever???  How to Make a Sick Mountain Bike Edit Matt Dennison

3. ICAD Opening Sequence 2014

Crikey! ICAD channels Steve Irwin in this mockumentary of ad agency personalities. ICAD Opening Sequence 2014 Piranha Bar

4. Conan O’Brien Editors: Apple Final Cut Pro X Is Easy To Use

Truth be told, this could be about any NLE. A hilarious take on editor woes.

 Conan O Team Coco

5. VFX 101

What’s that? Deliver the world in three weeks? Oh, why didn’t you say so…. Method Studios - VFX 101 Method Studios

Throwback Bonus: Make the Logo Bigger

Sing it with us now!

If your are looking for some elegant CG inspiration, take a look at Future Deluxe and Twisted Poly’s latest piece.  This animated short is apparently the first of five films to launch their new brand and they did it in a big way.  Intricate detail and gorgeous colors really help this animation pop, throughout every composition.
 Mothership process
BBC Music shoots for the stars with this new promotional film titled, “God Only Knows” to promote their new channel.  When you work with 27 music icons in hollywood, you need to also work with some of the best production companies in the world, which is where The Mill comes into play.  27 of these musicians were shot over the course of a year on green screen, and then composited by The Mill to appear in the Alexandra Palace.  Apparently this job was so big that just about every department in The Mill worked on this, using software such as Nuke, Houdini, Maya, Flame, Photoshop and more.
ZUBR teams up with Platige Images again to create another animated commercial using CG animals.  The last time we had a commercial for ZUBR, there was a fully CG deer running throughout he forest, this time we have a boar trapped in a hole and gets help from some friends.  Like last time, the environments are terrific, the CG animals are spot on and the sunlight leaking through the trees adds a great level of detail.