While the atmospheric effects are stunning, the spot has a great core concept about how humans have struggled to understand nature throughout our history. From shamans to spacecraft, from prayers to precise instruments, we understand more now than ever, yet Audi says it doesn’t matter because Quattro can handle whatever mother nature throws its way anyway.

Talk about getting someone excited for a game release! This made me way more excited to play the game than when I was actually playing the game. Of course the production value is through the roof, but the calm narrative told through extreme chaos brought a very unique perspective. I’m a huge fan of panning from room to room, either vertically or horizontally, to reveal a natural change in perspective.

Imaginary Forces had the opportunity to create the main titles for Marvel’s new series on Netflix, “Jessica Jones.” The entire open is incredibly stylized and gritty, allowing viewers to get a glimpse into this world, leaving the rest up to imagination. It seems like they captured their own live action paint plates, that they then used to composite over the photography. Though I have seen this technique used over and over again, myself included, they pulled it off in a way that feels different and seems like a perfect fit for the NYC based series.