The Embassy creates the HUD and interface graphics for the new feature film, Chappie. There is a ton of intricate work on screens that you probably didn’t even notice while watching the movie, yet there was a team dedicated to making these graphics. Even though this is film and VFX work, it is still excellent inspiration for motion graphics work.

Smith breaks down their latest promo for Bud Light, and you might be surprised by how they made it! Fluid simulations are so realistic now that you could certainly get away with that technique for a project like this. Smith decided to go the more practical route and do everything they could in-camera. The amount of prep work that went into this was insane, and the amount of times they probably had to reset everything for more takes! Even the title was built and shot in camera!

Making Of:

 Budlight Apple - Making Of

The renderings on some of these car commercials are absolutely mind blowing, specifically this one from BBH. The camera cuts around the car in the warehouse are so detailed, and the movements really sell the fact that this vehicle is strapped down. But then the edited shots intercut with the warehouse scene sell the fact that there is so much out there for this car, and that is, in fact, why it is trying to get loose. I know I didn’t need to explain that part once you watch it, but my point is that the animation and edit work perfectly hand in hand to make this spot successful.