We’re excited to announce the winner of our first student contest — Aleksandr Kilimnik of Gnomon School of Visual Effects, for his video Ghost in the Shell.

 Ghost in the Shell intro FX REMAKE
Why we love Ghost in the Shell:

“This reimagined intro follows the choreography of the original [Ghost in the Shell] opener scene-for-scene while vastly elevating the technical sophistication of the piece. The lighting throughout is flawless, and the flaky effect near the end is masterfully executed. What we see here is the genius of an original idea blossoming into its full potential. I look forward to seeing more work by the very talented Aleksandr Kilimnik!” – DoubleU

“This just stood out to me from the start in terms of professionalism. As the animation progressed, the liquid simulation showed a clear understanding of visual effects. The particles peeling off of the model definitely put this one over the top, and made this a clear winner.” – MindInMotion

Meet Aleksandr:

“I was born in Russia and luckily my parents made the decision to move to Hollywood. I got into creating 3D art at 13 years old, and have a huge passion for using the highest level of technology to create beautiful images, so eventually making VFX was the perfect blend. My goal is to continue to get better and better using software like Sapphire to put the finishing touches on artwork and animations I make for high profile clients!”

IGA and Shed continue with their 3D animated campaign, bringing back the familiar characters but in new scenarios. The 3D work all around is really gorgeous, from character design and animation to the environments, lighting and final rendering. It seems like they have the characters down, and can now focus on new situations to keep the campaign alive!

 IGA - Vertige - Francais

I admit, I did not realize how much visual effects work went into this one! If you want to be inspired in terms of production and how to get things done by being as creative as possible, you should check out this breakdown from Digital District. The overall VFX work is great, but for me it is more about the execution. Instances like the rig for the magic carpet are really impressive, and having the actor balance on two wheels (which is then replaced by particle simulation) is an example of experience.

Polyester Studio went in on this one, and seemingly never looked back! Memento Mori is a very morbid animated take on life, with the idea that “you have to die.” Each scene is wildly creative and smoothly animated. While the animation as a whole is basically a bunch of short spots strung together, they all seem to work together perfectly, each in their own unique style.

Sharing work with the world is one of the reasons we finish products, right? Obviously there are many reasons, but when you see your work away from your desk it is sure to make you smile. Animade created a series of animations for AirBnB, which is now on display in New York City’s Bryant Park. The animations are great, and works well being so minimal in a heavily trafficked area.