Laugh, cry, and appreciate the quirks of working in post production.
1. Shit Showreels Say

Originality is overrated, right? #ifitaintbrokedontfixit  Shit Showreels Say Peter Quinn

2. How to Make a Sick Mountain Bike Edit

Can this guy please narrate all tutorials, forever???  How to Make a Sick Mountain Bike Edit Matt Dennison

3. ICAD Opening Sequence 2014

Crikey! ICAD channels Steve Irwin in this mockumentary of ad agency personalities. ICAD Opening Sequence 2014 Piranha Bar

4. Conan O’Brien Editors: Apple Final Cut Pro X Is Easy To Use

Truth be told, this could be about any NLE. A hilarious take on editor woes.

 Conan O Team Coco

5. VFX 101

What’s that? Deliver the world in three weeks? Oh, why didn’t you say so…. Method Studios - VFX 101 Method Studios

Throwback Bonus: Make the Logo Bigger

Sing it with us now!

Sonos is painting the town gold with their new product, well at least a living room.  I wonder how much time it took to create and render out this entirely CG liquid commercial!  I love the camera compositions and cuts, along with the change in gravity once the gold fills the floor.  Also within this new campaign, Sonos has released two more commercials which you can find below.
Sub Melt:
 Sonos - Melt
 Sonos - Claymation
Luxury brands demand just as luxurious branding and advertising, which is why Porsche teamed up with Frame and Ghost VFX for this epic new commercial.  The amount of intricate detail within the CG, combined with the transformer-esque animation is mind blowing.  Not only is the execution stunning, but the concept and creative metaphor between the 911 and bull is superb.

A smart spot for the Smart car. Geniously conceived as a way to recreate the dramatized decisive moments of some of the world’s most important movements, whether it’s the idea of the world being round, or of Apple being a company worth backing. Each time, the viewer knows just how wrong the main character is and the repetition leading up to the final reveal leaves you in no doubt as to the visionary nature of the Smart car. Bravo!


Take a look at this new commercial for Woomark, titled “Lost and Found”.  Neon Pictures also shares a case study they made, showing much of the creative process including storyboards and pre-vis, animatics and all of the different compositing and visual effects passes that went into making this.  This is a great watch, especially when you realize how some things that you might not have imagined were CG actually were!
Case study:
 Case Study: Lost & Found
 More awesome animations from Ronda, for FOX Italia.  Watch as characters transform into new designs with every click, while maintaining the same flow of movements from the previous.  As always, really fun animation with complex change in perspective for 2D designs.