Lobo worked with McDonalds to create tons of co-branded spots for them, featuring some huge names like Spider Man, Scooby Doo and How to Train Your Dragon.  Actually, seeing Scooby Doo recreated in 3D was really surprising, but done incredibly well!  This animated Happy Meals character certainly has some longevity as you can see with this montage, and hopefully many more to come!

Some promos intend to have high energy, but fail to achieve it.  This Ultimate Fighter promo for Fox Sports really brings the intensity not only through the edit and music, but the way the typography animates on and the shattering silhouettes.  LUMBRE went with more of a graphic approach which can be tough to pull off with something like this, but with the combinations of techniques here it definitely makes for one killer spot!

This animated short film from Nexus immediately caught my attention, and I felt my jaw drop a bit inadvertently.  I wasn’t sure what the main message was until the very end, and when I found out I was even more impressed.  Incredible character and environmental design with an art direction that really captured the topic perfectly.  Do yourself a favor and watch this two minute short, and then pass it along.