Check out this in-depth breakdown for Movistar+, where some intense post work and heavy compositing takes place. See all the different layers of composite that went into each scene, and get a great sense of the workflow throughout the project. There was a ton of work that went into this one, from drone cameras, mesh reconstruction, scanned models, and much more. Be sure to watch the original video as well to see how the whole spot came together.


 Movistar+ "Mundos"

Go behind the scenes and take a look at how this commercial for Clipper Tea was made, all in camera! I always enjoy seeing the hard work that goes into fabricating elements on set, and how certain objects need to be removed in post. The puppetry on the rabbit is really impressive and lifelike, and without a behind the scenes look you would never be sure how it was done! Check out the final commercial below as well.


Ted 2 has been out in theaters for a bit, and it was only a matter of time before we saw a VFX breakdown of the popular sequel. Iloura has released a breakdown reel of some of the work they did, including rigging and animating a CG goose! I love how they show the character spline controls on the composited model to show just how much work went into every detail. The extreme zoom into the Earth is an amazing breakdown as well, because you never know quite how much work is involved. What an ambitious camera move to start the film, especially when integrating the iconic Universal logo animation!

QBE and Mighty Nice are proving that some fun character designs can lengthen the life of a commercial into a successful campaign. By bringing back the characters from the first few ads, they are building up familiarity across different environments. We are posting three ads, all with different insurance conundrums that always get taken care of in the end.


 QBE Home



 QBE Motor

From what I can gather, American yearbooks take graduates on an unsure walk down memory lane, raising questions about “what ever happened to so-and-so,” igniting smothered fires of passion, and surfacing long forgotten thoughts. The darker view of this self-reflection serves as inspiration for this farcical music video.

Something about the look of each sparse yet distinct era drew me in to this spot. The matte paintings, minimal set, and corny costumes were well balanced and nicely repeated, but it was the unique lighting that really added the special glue.