If you are into particle effects, you have to check out this new breakdown from Important Looking Pirates!  They reveal how the insects were created in 3D, and showed how they had to recreate some of the environment and characters for the particles to interact properly.  The camera mapping on the faces is so awesome, this is why I love breakdowns so much!

Not your typical triple-play promo. Well… ok, fine… the copy is coated in the usual telecom adjective gloss: “blasting speed; advanced voice; reliable”. The graphics, however, are a cut above the rest.

High Definition
 Charter: High-Definition

High Speed
 Charter: High Speed

Tech advertising appeals most to me when the product/service in question is shown to be a positive influence in my life, by making tasks easier, enabling me to have more fun with friends or family, and generally be happier. These Palm spots tap into that idea by showing people already in pursuit of a product or experience effortlessly using the Palm to help them achieve their aim.
So… is Palm still around then?

 Palm - "Shoes"

New Digs
 Palm - "New Digs"

I like seeing quick hits like Idents or Bumpers jam packed with sequences, often no more than a few frames long, full of high production value. The obvious way to go would be to extend the scenes, using less material per scene and cuts costs and production time.

Onesize lends a hand to create the “Game Awards” live event package, featured at the first awards show in Las Vegas.  I expected to just see the main titles, but was pleasantly surprised to see a complete package filled with nomination screens, lower thirds, transitions and more.  This is a great inspirational piece for your next graphics package!

I find these industrious little tiles very captivating. They speak to the highly dedicated tech manufacturing sector that Taiwan has cultivated over the recent decades. It’s also to the industry’s agility and versatility to adapt to changing demands.